Best Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai

Book Appointment with No. 1 Physiotherapists in Chembur, Mumbai, Home visit also available.

How we can help

Physio Planet is the Best Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. Dr Parvesh Kumar is proud to offer a wide range of physiotherapy services. He is a professional physiotherapist specialize in providing relief from pain and rehabilitative therapy.

Best Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai

Post Operative Physiotherapy

If you are going for planned surgery, Then you can contact us for physiotherapy.

In-patient Neuro/Stroke Rehab

We have a complete recovery solution after stroke. You can recover faster with us.

Cardiac & Pulmonary Physiotherapy

We can help you to manage your condition with cardiac rehab physiotherapy.

Orthopaedic/Sports Physiotherapy

Orthopedic Physiotherapy care for Back & Neck pain, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica.

All Kind of Physiotherapy Treatment

Dr. Parvesh Kumar (Physio Planet) is a physiotherapy specialist with a wide range of Physiotherapy clinics in Mumbai. We believe to make patients happy. Our Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation center provides physiotherapy treatment at your home or office. For a home visit, Kindly book an appointment and we will bring specialized equipment to facilitate your fast recovery. Best Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.
Physiotherapy Specializations
Depending on the patient’s condition, Dr. Parvesh Kumar works at assessing you and setting goals for a fast recovery. The exercise and physiotherapy for faster recovery will be done only when we identify and set the patient’s goal properly.
home based physiotherapy

Comfortable physiotherapy treatment at home for posture improvement and back & neck pain.

stroke rehabilitation

We have a complete recovery solution after stroke. You can recover faster with us.

In-Clinic Physiotherapy

Looking for best physiotherapist in Mumbai? You can book an appointment for In-Clinic Physiotherapy.

neuro rehabilitation

Treatment for those who are suffering with Paralysis, Parkinsons, Stroke, Muscular Dystrophy, multiple sclerosis.

what Patient says about us
Amit Saini

"I took treatment for shoulder pain at Physio planet. I feel improvement within a few sessions. My shoulder pain is almost gone. Best physiotherapy Treatment in physio planet. Best physiotherapist in (Chembur)"

Suhas Kapsikar

"I took treatment Tennis elbow at physio planet. I feel improvement within 2 sessions. range of motion almost gain. Best physio- therapy treatment at physio planet. Best physiotherapist in Mankhurd"

Tukaram Ghanekar

"I had a wonderful experience in physio planet. I took treatment (osteoarthritis) for knee pain .. Range of motion almost gain after a few sessions. Thanks, Dr. Parvesh Kumar. Best physiotherapist in chembur"

Sohan Lal

"My father was treated by Dr. Parvesh Kumar for Back pain (slip disc) under Home physiotherapy treatment. He is the best physiotherapist for Home physiotherapy in Chembur. Thank u, Dr.Parvesh"

Sajid Sayyed

"I took treatment for neck strain pain at physio planet. I feel improvement within few sessions. He is the best physiotherapist in (gautam Nagar )Govandi area. Home physiotherapy also provided"

Pallavi Shinde

"I Took treatment for Back pain at physio planet.. ortho-pedician suggested me for physiotherapy. I'm fully Recovered within 5 sessions Thanks Dr. Pravesh Kumar He's is the best physiotherapist in Chembur, Mumbai"

Maithali Kothekar

"I took treatment for cervical disc pain in physio planet. I could feel improvement within 2 sessions.. He is best physiotherapist in chembur, kurla ,govandi ,ghatkoper Best physiotherapy centre in Mumbai"

Kishor Nikale

"I had a wonderful experience at physio planet. I took treatment for( sciatica )slip disc. I could feel the improvement within 2 session Best physiotherapy centre in Chembur."


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